Is it true what they say?

The same way you use filters on your Instagram pictures, you can (and must) use it in your life as well. Do you believe everything you hear or do you filter some of it out? Whether or not (or to what extent) you appreciate a moment has a lot to do with your expectations of it. Sometimes, hearing about someone else’s exciting adventures can ruin the experience for you. I, myself, tend to be very naive, so I definitely have been disappointed in the past. Some things you just have to see for yourself, with an open mind and no expectation. 


Craving a warmer weather (warmer than the wintery spring in Kiev where I live) got me here in Jordan on a road trip. We landed in Amman, the capital, at 1 am and went straight to our hotel in Madaba, the Mosaic City. There, you can find the world’s oldest map of the region, completely made out of mosaic, inside a small Greek Orthodox Church. 

The next morning, we took a cab to get our rental car in the city. The hospitality here is incredible. Our taxi driver was really friendly, he showed us around and even invited us for a cup of tea. Once we got our car, our road trip officially started.

We were heading to the lowest point on Earth…

The Dead Sea

After making a few stops on the road for sightseeing, we finally arrived at the Kempinski Hotel Ishtar Dead Sea where we were staying overnight. This place is magically relaxing with the countless pools it has and a breathtaking view on the Dead Sea teasing us to jump in.


After all, it should be an exciting and unique experience. The Dead Sea is over 400 meters below sea level and the water is extremely dense and rich in minerals, due to a salinity of 31% (about 9 nine times higher than the oceans). I was about to finally find out if it is true what they say about the Dead Sea.

Can we really float effortlessly or do people exaggerate?


I got in the water, leaving all expectations behind, not to alter my judgment.


I was actually floating. I didn’t even get my hair wet, so I can definitely say that it is the real deal. 

I also had the chance to spread the remarkable Dead Sea Mud, widely known for its therapeutic benefits, all over my body. It only took 5 minutes before I rinsed it off and my skin was already soft like a baby. I loved it. It is really sad to think that the Dead Sea won’t be an attraction for the next generations, since its level is decreasing at a rate of half a meter per year. On the other hand, knowing this makes me feel even more grateful to have been here.

It is definitely the best thing I have done in a while.

But then again, don’t just believe what I say. Go and see for yourself…while you can.