Akisha Albert, Miss Curaçao 2018

The Art of Being Your Beautiful Self added value to my life.

I read it during my last days of preparation for Miss Universe and it was the last boost I needed to give my all on stage.
I remember it said:
- “ I have no time for distraction, it is now or never”
- “ Now is the time where my future will be decided”
- “ Focus and tell myself everyday I AM THE WINNER”
- “ I didn’t want my country to simply make an appearance on the Miss Universe stage”

Those highlights, and many more, were the words I needed to believe 100% in myself and my inner power.
This book made me realize that a small island or country is just written on your sash until you (myself) give it meaning, by carrying it with pride and confidence.
— Akisha Albert, TOP 10 Miss Universe 2018
Raquel Pelissier